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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Celebrating Life at Home Without TV

Rani and I made a good choice of not having TV in our home.

After nearly two and a half years, we realized that life has been much more fulfilling and enjoyable without it. Here are some of the benefits you might like to know:

  • We've read more books.
  • We've entertained more guests (really, we had meaningful conversations and played musical instruments).
  • We've copulated more often.
  • We've tried more interesting recipes.
  • Now, we've got all the time in the world to take care of Noe.
Of course, we have sparked questions in people's minds, like "What? No TV?", "What do you do at home if you don't have TV?", "Isn't boring at home?".... Obviously, Rani and I wore them out, and they never asked no more. They have accepted it.

Anyways, I thought you might like to know that we have millions of supporters in this KYTV movement. This Practical Hippie could not agree more.

Trust us.

Kill Your TV.

PS: We do have a DVD player, though :)

Get ready for TV-Turnoff Week-- April 25-May 1, 2005!


At 12/4/05 19:38, Askar said...

I like TV... how else can I watch sports, american sitcoms and dramas and so many nice reality shows and special/annual live events like miss universe, grammy awards and oscars.. watch dvd/vcd is also better with TV than laptop because laptop is so small and only one person can watch, cannot watch with friends hehe...but mediacorp really sucks though...I think it's poisoning singapore with all the stereotypes... I can always read on the bus and train it's true that nowadays TV mobile shows TV shows like american idol but TV at home is still more convenient. TV doesnt make me anti-social. In fact I often discuss and analyse the latest on TV during dinner time and during late night talks with friends...and improve my spoken english ability... correct or not?

At 12/4/05 19:55, Indi said...

askar may be right, but i still don't agree that it should be left for children to decide how much TV they should watch.

At 12/4/05 20:49, Sita Supomo said...

Haha! I haven't watch TV or read hardcopy of newspaper much either since I moved to Nottingham since September last year. TV subscription fee (not cable mind you) is around 121 pounds! A total ripp off, I say!

I thought I would missed 'em but I don't, not really. Overtime, I sort of get used to it. Now, I probably watch it once in a moon time.

Now, what do I do without TV.
1. Study
2. Cook
3. Having meal with friends
4. Study
5. Folling around with the internet
6. Study
oh did I forget to say, study?

At 12/4/05 21:15, Anonymous said...

it's been exactly a year since i had a tv around. most of the shows on nowadays are of poor taste anyway so it's all good yo. i'm now thinking about ditching broadband altogether. joy oh joy.

At 12/4/05 23:24, Nauval! said...

I do have a TV-set in my room which, of course, would only serve to watch DVD as I don't wish to sacrifice my perfect sight-sense by watching them in computer.

Yet, I don't bother adjusting my internal TV-antenna to get better TV reception as being a guy who likes to go out after work, it's hard to see myself committed to a certain kind of TV series or basically any kind of TV shows.
Heck, watching one DVD completed w/ its features which would enrich my knowledge in films proves time-consuming as well, let alone TV! :)

At 13/4/05 23:39, Anonymous said...

I agree. You can live without TV. My husband and I have lived without TV for 2 years now. We have more time to read other thing than our academic obligation. We go out a lot and discuss a lot. But still I miss TV sometimes. It'd nice to be able to watch our DVD collection in big screen.

At 16/6/05 09:13, --ambar-- said...

I like reading and telly just robbed my time with it. Now I am reading a lot, learning a lot and thinking a lot. Still I turn on telly sometimes. For Nat Geo...

At 5/7/05 21:40, The Dark One said...

I formed an art collective called KYTV,
it was a way of telling people Kill your tv and come to our show!

At 21/7/06 16:09, Zaini Hafid said...

Tv its important for me

At 29/12/06 18:27, C0d3Fr34k said...

I Agree with No TV in my life ;)

But sometimes I watch Discovery Channel :)

On my friend's television of course :)

At 23/2/07 16:43, Darin said...

without tv for two and a half year..
that was very great..
I can do that even for single day..
but I am not TV adict...
I just watching TV at the morning, one hour before go to work,
and 30 minutes after work, just to relax after 30 minutes driving in jakarta's road.. (you know, there always traffic jam at busy hours..)
i think it is ok to watch tv two hours a day.. and even good if we watch news, rather than sinetron...
watching sinetron and film just wasting time, it's useless..
it's better wasting time with my baby, we can play peek a boo, singing, dancing with my one year baby.. for me is fun, and for my baby it's also fun and she can practices everytime she play with me..

At 28/3/07 05:08, Arnol said...

well sometimes i hate TV, but sometimes i like it because i can get much information from that thing. Well maybe just turn it off when there is no good channel, but when there is a great program just like news and tech make it on.


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