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Thursday, April 21, 2005

I am a Man but I am a Feminist, Too

I am a Feminist, just like my wife is... except that we don't go out in demonstration or that sort of things.

We support women suffrage, just like Kartini did one hundread and one years ago today.

Let's celebrate!


At 23/4/05 19:28, wicax said...

s p e l l i n g c h e c k p l e a s e !

At 27/4/05 08:59, yanti said...

salut ndi.. you don't have to be feminine to be a feminist ;).

rani.. besanan ama yani? *glek* ntar deh gue bilangin :D

At 15/5/05 01:08, Sita Supomo said...

Hurah.. hurah... kalo tidak bukan Indi namanya... hahaha


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