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Saturday, July 16, 2005


We went to Jakarta! We’re so excited! In Changi I discovered a male toilet with baby changing table. It’s step forward towards gender equality in child-rearing. I wish all male public toilets in Singapore would have baby changing table.


It was Noe’s first flight in this world. We flew on Qatar Airways (the cheapest flight available).


Noe got his own seat, since the special fare is cheaper than having to pay infant fare without seat.


Noe is such a well-behaved baby, except for a few minutes prior to take off he cried unconsolably.


We couldn’t do anything because the plane was in the taxiway, so I tried to console him by breastfeeding him.


After the seat belt sign turned off, we went to change his diaper and it turned out that his passed motion! Noe, sorry we couldn’t change your diaper immediately because the plane was taking off. He’s fine and content after his diaper was changed. Noe was a jewel in the plane, the stewardess and other passenger adored him and wanted to play with him. He spent the rest of the flying time sleeping on his own chair.


When we landed in Cengkareng Airport, we were so fascinated with many things that we saw. For example this immigration detention room, which also serves as praying room. I have never seen any detention room before.


Right after we finished the immigration procedure, we saw a big cheerful neon sign near the baggage claim “Welcome to Indonesia ............. Death Penalty for Drug Trafficker”. It was so ironic, a cheerful welcome and a death penalty both in the same big neon sign, doesn’t seem to be very welcoming, does it?

This is where indonesian female foreign workers get redirected towards Foreign Worker Air Terminal, where they will be met with corrupt immigration officials who will squeeze out their money, or else the workers would not be allowed to leave the terminal.


We were really sad about it. Those foreign workers really struggle to feed their family, they are raped and abused while abroad, and this is how Indonesia welcomes them???

We also saw this funny sign at the baggage claim.

“To avoid taking the wrong bag, make sure collect your own bag”

It’s like saying “to avoid getting killed, make sure you don’t get yourself killed”. What the heck? The signage was not really helpful at all...

Anyway, straight from the airport we went to Noe Welcome Party in Rempoa. Thanks to Ibu Tuti everybody gathered there, from Eyang Putri to little Neo and little Kenken. Plus, the food for the party was superb, we could find Siomai, Guotie, Chocolate pudding, Satay, etc!

This is Noe with his Eyang Uyut (Great Grandma).


This is Noe with Eyang Happy.


Mas Dodo was on fire that night. He kept singing (as you can see below) and playing piano...


This is Noe with his distant cousin Kenken. Even at a tender age of four month, Noe has been sleeping together with a girl!!! Naughty!


Noe with Om Anggi’s fish face.


Noe with Tante Siska.



At 15/8/05 17:30, Fairy said...

The Jalur TKI at CGK really is depressing. I'm sure many women workers are pressed into surrendering huge sums of money to be let free. It is a disgusting practice.

I once got stopped after having my bags scanned in CGK and was about to leave the terminal to meet my friend outside. I was stopped by whom I assume was an airport officer who demanded to see my passport. When I gave it to him he has this perplexed face and asked why my passport is red (Malaysian) - during this interrogation I kept quiet and wore the most annoyed expression I could on my face. He had no reason to stop me, you see: immigration had already cleared me and the only reason I think he halted me was to ask for money or whatever. F--k off lah kan.

Upon realizing I was not Indonesian he apologized profusely and disappeared. Loser.

At 15/8/05 17:52, Noe's Uncle from Geylang said...

“To avoid taking the wrong bag, make sure collect your own bag”

It’s like saying “to avoid getting killed, make sure you don’t get yourself killed”. What the heck? The signage was not really helpful at all...


Not all people as smart and diligent as Noe and his parents.

Many people took wrong bags just because the bags look alike, especially when they are tired after long hour flight.

The numbers shown in the sign suggested that people should check their belonging based on the tag number, not based on the color or model of the lugage.

Anyone still think that the sign is there for no reason?

At 15/8/05 20:40, Indi said...

Nothing wrong with the intent on putting a sign that says "“To avoid taking the wrong bag, make sure collect your own bag".

However, that choice of words imply an unintelligent way of saying "please make sure you take the correct bag" or "please take your own bag only"

What would you think if someone says to you: "To avoid getting lost, make sure you don't get lost" ? :)


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