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Thursday, July 21, 2005


We drove around again to meet people. So many places to visit in our list, but so little time!

On the way to Salto office, we saw this Mikrolet. Take a look at what’s written on the backside window:


It’s written there “The Me Is Three”.. I wondered what it meant. After much thinking, Indi and I concluded that the phrase actually meant “Demi Istri” – “For The Sake of My Wife”.. you know Indonesians are usually good with catch phrases..

We went to Salto office to pick up Dian, and also to show Noe to the Salto crews. This is Lenot with Noe.


Mbak Shanty and Ayu Utami were in Jiffest committee meeting when we arrived in Salto office, and both of them were so excited to see Noe. This is Ayu with Noe.


From Salto Office, we went to Tante Kiki’s house where we had a great Soto lunch! This is Tante Kiki with Noe.


We met Pak Lasman there who gave us an acupressure massage. The massage was painful for Rani, and it’s a sign that she was not really healthy. Pak Lasman diagnosed Rani with inadequate water intake and exercise.

Too bad we didn’t meet Dewi and Desyaf since both of them were working at that time.

Later in the evening, we went to Elok’s wedding reception in the Dharmawangsa. To our surprise, we met with Marina Tusin there! It turned out that Tante Paula is Elok’s Grandma’s cousin. Hence, Elok’s mom is Mbak Rina’s distant cousin. Mbak Rina is Rani’s cousin. Therefore, Elok is my very distant niece! What an amazing discovery to see that I am related to a person whom I know for quite a long time.

We met with the whole bunch of Arsitektur Unpar. They were all so amazed to see how Noe was fast asleep during the party. This is the whole gang: Punto (soon to be married!), Stella, Bang Bry, Harry, Rani, Pasha, Pasha’s girl, Soany, Dudut, and Kandi.


This is the three Arians in Arsitektur Unpar, in sequential order: Kandi, Rani, and Stella.


Kiki, who’s Elok’s high school friend, rushed to the party from her night job at Aksara Kemang. We managed to catch her up. This is Rani, Kiki, and Kandi.


Another bunch of Unpar group: Rani, Punto, Yudha (who came late and missed his formal suit), Arum, and Shanty.


Before we went home, we met with Elok’s sisters in law. They changed their traditional Norwegian outfit into something cooler. It’s too hot to wear Norwegian outfit in the tropics!



At 15/8/05 21:49, chan2 said...

hallo rani, itu kayaknya bukan mikrolet deh .. tapi kopaja :D
(salam kenal : chan2)

At 15/8/05 22:22, Natalia Elok said...

Kalian itu memang trio yang paling sweet ya. Terima kasih banyak ya atas perhatiannya dan kebaikan kalian, atas kehadirannya di acara syukuran kami. Seneeeeng banget lihat Neo yang lucuuu skaliii. Uta dan Indi, itu foto2x candid unparnya bagus banget. Cantik2x dan ganteng2x yah Ars unpar. Love, Elok dan Thomas

At 15/8/05 22:25, Natalia Elok said...

Ya ampun mohon maap,.. itu aku tulisnya Neo yah di comment yang diatas,.. Ya ampun khan Noe mestinya. Noe dan Neo, lutjuu banget, bagai anak kembar

At 16/8/05 07:19, Mel said...

Ran..itu Stella...Stella Noviani yah :)

At 16/8/05 11:31, yanti said...

Rannn... gak tau klo elo abis mudik :). Noe pinter ya, nggak rewel dibawa ke mana2 gitu :). He looks exactly like you.. hehehehe..

At 18/8/05 17:48, kandi said...

young lady, you have such a beautiful life! :) send my regards to husband and son. love, kandi.


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