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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Today we’re gonna drive around meeting Rani’s high school friends.

This is Noe with Yitno, the helper in Bintaro house (he made great fried onion!).


That morning, we went to Plaza Senayan to meet Vena in Spice Garden. This was the only timeslot available to meet her. We were really looking forward to see Valdean as well, but since Valdean was sick, he didn’t come with Vena to meet us. We had Teh Botol, Tahu Gejrot, and Serabi Solo. This is Vena with Noe.


After meeting Vena, we went to ATM to get some cash, and let’s see what I saw on the ATM door:


It’s funny (yet understandable... crime rate is pretty high in Jakarta!) that you’re not allowed to wear hat, sunglasses, or helmet in ATM.

From Plaza Senayan, we wanted to make a surprise visit to our dear friend Natalia Elok Mjosund who was going to have her wedding reception the next day. The whole family was really excited to meet Noe! We were greeted with a Norwegian style breakfast (yes, breakfast at 2pm, since the norwegian family was still jetlagged) and of course, Norwegian layer cone-cake - leftover from last night’s family dinner, was also there. What a nostalgic moment for us who were part of a Norwegian family wedding. And Tante Mirna was really excited seeing Noe! It seems that she really couldn’t wait for a grandchild :>


Later in the evening, we went to Kapulaga, an Indonesian restaurant in Jalan Senopati for a small reunion with Smandel group and Soegijoko family (those two groups are not related, but what the heck, we don’t have much time to meet up with everybody and it would also be good to introduce one group to the other). This is Noe with Mbak Ratna.


This is the Smandel Group: Pandu, Reza, Thia, Abi, Dara, and me in the background.


This is Noe with Mas Wicak.


Pandu carried Noe while Reza was watching … so cute!


Abi, our experienced mother of one daughter, held Noe in her arms. She disapproved Noe being her daughter’s boyfriend because Noe is younger!


When we got home, Noe is doing some ab-exercise with Eyang Kakung.



At 22/8/05 23:42, fauzan-abi-akila said...

Hi Noe, Raut n Mas Indi,

Senangnya maen sma Noe kemaren...Noe dah besar sekarang, ramah pula (percis Nyak-Babenye)

Raut, Lutuye...Gue kate kemaren juga bukannya ga setuju nyomblaingin Akila ma Noe, tapi asal persekotnya cocok aje...hehehe

Hmmm...Lucu kali ya kalo kemaren Akila ma Noe jadi ketemuan...

Next time, ya...Pleaaassseee...

Bisous A Noe de sa belle tante,


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