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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


We spent the day visiting Rani’s relatives. We went to see Bu Yati in Tebet (plus Ardi and Ari too), then we went to Om Ade’s house to meet with him and Tante Rini and Tante As. Too bad we forgot to bring camera, so no photo available for the day. That day was the first time Rani tried melon-flavoured Fanta, which tasted really good.

We closed the day by going to Megaria to see “Gie”. A bunch of people came with us to see the movie: Pak Ahmad, Pak Hindro, Bu Tuti, Mbak Fanny, Mas Ari, and two of their friends. Siska and Anggi couldn’t make it because Neo was sick.

Let me reserve the space to write down my commentary on Gie.


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