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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Dinner at Hernandez-Blass's

We're invited for a dinner at Hernandez-Blass residence to celebrate Elizabeth's brother return from Dubai to South East Asia.

Mr. Lorenzo, Elizabeth's brother, worked as chef in a fancy restaurant in Dubai. Needless to say, we had haute-cuisine dinner, especially made by Chef Lorenzo. We were greeted by the best champagne and wine from Blass's cellar. The appetizer was sushi with different mix-and-match filling. And then the main course.. salmon with couscous mixed with fresh mint leaves, ribs, salad, and steak. And the dinner was closed with coffee cake dessert and fabulous coffee made by Anthony.

This is Joanna with Noe, and Mrs. Lorenzo played with him.


This is the great chef Lorenzo. Thanks for the great dinner!


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