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Saturday, July 23, 2005


We had a great night sleep because the air is so cool and clean. Night temperature is like, 15 degrees, so we needed to sleep with a think blanket. Luckily we brought Noe’s think clothes, so he slept comfortable through the night.

This is Bandung downtown as seen from Om Ungan’s villa. This photo was taken in the morning, so the smog hasn’t accumulated yet.


Anggi’s family arrived in the morning and we all had breakfast together. Again, Neo is such a loving big brother! And look how different their skin colors are: Neo is as white as milk, and Noe is as brown as robust coffee bean.


Indi, me, and Noe drove downtown to Aru Studio to meet with Mocca and the musicians there. When we got there, we saw Rudy and his group practicing for the night’s jazz performance in Preanger Hotel. This is Rudi with his Czech made double bass. Not only he plucked out the strings, he also uses bow.


Rudy is also a member of a jazz band “Empat Peniti” (the sound of it is similar to “Pat Metheny”) which means “Four Pin Needles”. He plucked the name “Empat Peniti” right from the air, just like that. There’s no particular background or concept to that name. However, only later he found out, that “Empat Peniti” is also a brand of a rami thread roll made in Bandung.


This is Agung and Riko from Mocca Band right in front of Aru Studio.


Ibu Wies intercepted our route when we were in Aru Studio to take Noe away from us (temporarily, of course), because she does not want Noe to be too tired by joining us in the drive around town.

From Aru, we drove to Buah Batu (without Noe) to meet with Mas Reza family. The kids were in school holiday, and they flew all the way from Vienna to spend their vacation in Bandung in their grandma’s house. This is Kaka, Freiza, and Rania. See how much they have grown since the last time we saw them in Vienna!


This is Mbak Icha and the kids. Mbak Icha is seven month pregnant with a baby girl. Four kids in a family, that’s a lot! Congrats!


Later that night, Ibu Tuti organized a small dinner gathering inviting family members and friends who reside in Bandung. We catered mutton satay and other mutton delicacies (such as Mutton Fried Rice and Mutton Tongseng) from Maranggi. Ibu Tuti also made a delicious salad, to balance out the unhealthy effect of mutton menus.

This is Mbak Andin (Rani’s sister) who hasn’t met Noe since he’s born. We snap the photo at the right moment, apparently!


This is the four Djojosugito girls: Rani, Andin, Iik, and Ibu Wies. Mbak Andin was carrying her youngest son: Ronan. Can’t you believe Ronan was just under three years old, yet he is far bigger than Neo who is almost five years old!



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