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Sunday, July 24, 2005


The next day, Om Ungan took us for a walk around the neighbourhood. Look at this photo, Om Ungan together with Noe. With his white moustache, Om Ungan has all the image of a grandfather from old storybooks.


We went to visit Om Ungan’s friend who made her own marmalade jam – orange and strawberry, all from natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives. It’s only 22.500 per jar (SGD 4.00)! So, go buy from RUMAH IBU HOME MADE FOOD PRODUCTS, phone number +62 (22) 253-1045. They also made all natural salad dressing.


After the morning walk, Indi and I went to Gallery Soenaryo, a contemporary art museum up in the hill near the villa. This is our photo in the stone garden.


I had my morning coffee in the Gallery Café. I ordered, ginger coffee latte, which was quite a unique recipe since it uses real natural ginger in the coffee and not ginger syrup. And the stirrer was made from ginger slices. This is Noe on the tree near Gallery Café.


It’s time to bid farewell to Om Ungan’s family. Thank you for your hospitality! And surely, we would recommend Om Ungan’s villa to stay should any of you readers come to Bandung.


We then drove all the way to Cimahi to have lunch with Oetomo family. We drove through Cimindi Terminal, which was totally jammed and packed! The angkots who were queuing along the road caused the massive jam. But why are they lining up there? Because there are premans (thugs) who demand money from the angkot driver each time the angkot passes this area. Those thugs are not really doing anything to help the angkots, they are just claiming that the area are owned by them! Surely, angkots who refuse to pay will face grave consequences! And law enforcement forces are not doing anything about it! Look at the scared face of the angkot driver!


In the Oetomo house, we had great lunch: Lemper Rice Cake, Catfish pecel, Pepes, and many more varieties of food!

After the lunch, we drove back to Jakarta through the Cipularang tollroad (a bumpy and rough ride indeed, the quality of the road is really inferior compared to Jagorawi tollroad).


And yes, nowadays Indonesians are becoming less and less considerate drivers. Indi is quite stressed out while driving in Jakarta and Bandung. It is like, NO RULES! See below, people are using road shoulder to take over the traffic. It is VERY VERY DANGEROUS!


Not only small cars drove along the road shoulder. BIG TRUCKS TOO!


And even more dangerous, BIG BUSES FULL WITH PASSENGERS TOO! Cari Mati, huh???



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