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Monday, July 25, 2005


My dad, Bapak Ahmad, is on TV! He gave talks on Bird Flu in the morning show of TV7.


But beside that, today’s a sad day indeed. Today we have to return to Singapore. We have to leave all the good and dear friends and family behind :<. We’re hoping to go back to Indonesia in November, for Lebaran.

Since we flew on weekdays, the plane was really empty. And I mean, empty!


So at least we had a better service compared to when we flew into Jakarta. Although the food still sucked. Noe is enjoying himself because he is occupying two seats now!


Look at my sad face .. leaving Jakarta on a jet plane..



At 16/8/05 22:05, uprit said...

waaah... kelewat... dari indonesia toh... hahaha


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