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Saturday, August 13, 2005

New Road

Today I woke up wondering why I couldn't check my email. It turned out that I forgot to RENEW MY DOMAIN! SH*#&@*(!)!!! was locked, all you can see in the screen was just this:


I panicked, I even started to check out other domain names in case we did not manage to recover this domain. I then scrambled to get my bank electronic key to do internet transfer to Techscape. Luckily I managed to reach a very nice 24hr customer care lady from Techscape through Yahoo Messenger and after only three hours of downtime I managed to recover my domain. At last, life can resume per normal (Are we so addicted to internet that we can be panic-stricken when we lose our domain?)

Anyway, yesterday we received notification from LTA on the completion of the Queensway Extension, a.k.a Portsdown Avenue. At last, no more construction noise 24hr a day.. but we don't know how noisy car traffic would be.

So, to enjoy our last day of serenity without traffic, and to be the first who cross AYE through the bridge, we decided to take a morning walk across to Kent Ridge Park. We passed by the road opening ceremony by Mrs. Lim Hwee Hua.. we should've stopped by .. free food!

According to LTA letter, the road itself was due to open for public at 2pm that day (of course, lah, how can car pass the new road with the ceremonial tent lying right on the road???). We could see workers peeling the black cover off the road signages.


There were a lot of "peeling off" to do: for example, this "thing" that covered the traffic light (sexy ya?).


Yup, the new road is opening soon. We got opening ceremony here!


LTA guys were really kind to take our photo in the middle of the road prior to opening for public. We wouldn't have a chance to take this kind of picture anymore after the road is in operation.


At 2pm, we managed to document the first car that passes through the new road. Most of them came from Normanton Park / AYE direction towards Queensway.


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At 18/8/05 15:33, fistfulofpixels said...

lah, saya kehilangan domain gara-gara my hosting went down or bankrupt, ga jelas gitu deh. akhirnya pindah deh ke :(

oh, ya, sekalian kalo gitu, update link saya dong:

cheers :)

At 18/8/05 15:53, Rani said...

ha tragis sekali bisa bangkrut hostingnya. untung ada yg dotnetnya. pantesan udah lama websitenya mati gitu. selamat atas website barunya! skrg hosting di mana? dulu hosting di mana?

At 26/8/05 10:54, Satya said...

me too. can't sleep until i know my domains are safe. how geeky is that?


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