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Monday, August 29, 2005

Banana Cinnamon Dessert

Indi wanted me to finish the frozen spring roll flour wrapper that has fossilized in our fridge since two months ago. The challenge is that I should not fry the spring roll. Indi dislikes deep frying in his kitchen more than anything. That's because he's the one who cleans up the messy oil spill etc. How to make use of the springroll skins without frying??

(BTW we never really plan what to cook. What I usually do is check out the fridge and see what's there, and see what food can be made out of the available materials)

Let's see, we have banana, heavy cream, sugar, cinnamon, butter. See what we can make out of it.

So I lay down the first layer spring roll skins and butter them. Slice the banana thinly and spread them on the spring roll skin. Then sprinkle them with cinnamon.

Prepare other layers in the same way on different plates, temporarily.

On small fire, heat sugar until it turns into caramel.

Open cream container, and pour (sprinkle) the cream sparingly on top of the first layer. Then pour caramel mix. On top of the first layer, put the second layer, put cream on it, and then caramel. Continue until the last layer. Then put the last sheet of springroll skin as top cover, sprinkle with cinnamon, cream, and caramel (or perhaps, egg yolk and butter?).

Bake in the oven over low heat for half an hour.
(We don't have oven, so we put it in microwave over low heat)


It can be eaten hot - straight from the oven, or cold.

It would be great to put a slice of this with vanilla ice cream, whipping cream, chocolate syrup, chocolate rice, chocolate ice cream, whatever.

I personally would take a slice, and pour one or two spoonful of Rum (Bacardi Gold that is) over it. You can also make it into a flambee.

And it was really quick to prepare, like, ten minutes (excluding baking time), because all the ingredients are ready made. It would be faster to prepare if you have caramel syrup ready and don't need to cook the sugar into caramel.

Surely you can also vary the recipe as you like it. Like, replace banana with green apple or avocado. Or add shredded cheddar cheese into it (Warning: this is Indonesian style of eating cheese with sweet things, you westeners would perhaps puke with the concept of eating cheese with chocolate, sugar, etc)

Sorry we didn't take photo, we didn't plan the dessert to turned out to be really delicious!
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At 29/8/05 12:25, Anonymous said...

wah kudu dipanggang ya? aku gak punya oven pun microwave...:(


At 29/8/05 14:51, thalia said...

yumm... i think i'd try this. after we buy an oven (someday).

At 30/8/05 00:04, nov said...

get a deep fryer aja rani. still smells a bit but saves a lot of time cleaning up the mess. we do need to indulge ourselves with deep fried food sometimes, don't we?

At 5/9/05 06:19, fistfulofpixels said...

omg, i'm gonna die of hunger, that sounds soooooo good.... salah deh, shouldn't have read this before going to bed...

iyaaaa, gue setuju sama novs, elo beli deep-fryer aja... apalagi bentar lagi deep-fryer hasil design gue akan direlease (2006 release sih) so you should buy that one! :)

At 7/9/05 15:53, agustinus said...

blognya asyik nih mas indi. lucu bacanya :D congratz

At 8/9/05 20:46, april said...

Hai Ran, salam kenal buat indi en Noe...
Wadoh, senengnya ada yang sama kayak gue terdampar jadi ibu rumah tangga, hehehe... Nyesel gak sih wkt kuliah dulu gak ada mata kuliah 2 SKS dengan judul "Menyiapkan makan malam lengkap untuk 2 orang". Atau "Memasak tanpa lupa menyiapkan bawang putih sebelumnya" (sering bgt gue udah asik numis2 en lupa kalo bawang putihnya belum dikupas) Hehehe...


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