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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Noe had shown his eagerness to be on his feet, so Indi decided to let him play with his new Spaceship, courtesy of Iwan Handono family and Niken Lukito!

Apparently, Noe thought that he needed to eat the steering wheel in order to make the spaceship work.

Having a baby does not mean that Indi and I are constrained to staying at home all the time. For now we try to bring Noe along to any activity that we do. Rani is doing the day shift in taking care of Noe, while Indi is doing the evening and weekend shift. Rani took Noe to the activities, seminars, and event and so far Noe is behaving really well. This is Noe at LKY School Cafe with Christian after attending ExxonMobil seminar in ISEAS.

We also introduced Noe to Melissa and Flora, in NYDC Holland Village. Flora is an East Timorese student who studies in United World College Singapore. She's really smart, I hope she will secure scholarship to EWC after she graduated from UWC.

BTW Vena and Valdean, our honorable guest from Denver, CO, visited Noe at home. Look at how big Valdean is - compared to when he was still in the US! He's nine months old.

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