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Saturday, August 27, 2005

US-Asean Reunion Dinner

To celebrate Dato Ernie Bower's visit to Singapore, Elizabeth organized a US-ASEAN reunion dinner at her residence. This is Noe with Dato Bower:

And the great chef Lorenzo presented his masterpiece of haute-cuisine for the dinner. This is the kitchen situation during the preparation.

As the overture for the cuisine symphony, a fresh crispy salad with garlic bread:

To awaken your appetite, here goes baked prawn with herb butter and baby spinach with dash of tangy lemon:

And the climax of the symphony, roast rib eye with shitake mushroom mustard sauce accompanied by mashed sweet potato. It truly made your tongue dance! The sweet potato melted in your mouth.

Finally, sweet creamy banana split as the Coda. And don't forget to mention Anthony's great presentation of his wine collection!

Noe was a bit irritable and insomniac that night, because he just had his vaccination in the morning. All of us tried to calm him down and put him to sleep. Noe did not sleep until 1am. This is Noe with Christine.

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