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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bukit Batok BBQ

Sue and Supian invited us to come to their lantern festival and birthday celebration on Saturday night at their apartment's barbeque pit, together with their family members and JTC / JCPL colleagues. It was their first time meeting Noe. Shafiq was really excited to have a new baby brother!

This is the barbeque pit, specially assigned for Muslim party-goers by the government. For us, it is funny to see "a religious barbeque pit".

When the night falls Sue gave every guest a piece of fluorescent straws that can be made into bracelet and necklace, and they're shining in the dark! It's really fun. This is Supian the great satay blower with his shining necklace.

The food are fabulous! We had stingray bbq, prawn bbq with sambal, cuttle fish, and mutton satay, beef satay. And of course, chocolate birthday cake. Later that evening, big brother Haizal joined the party. Too bad he didn't bring his guitar, or else we all could jam. Haizal is soo wide... it's like a King size bed for Noe. Indi also wanted to try how it feels to be like Noe on Haizal's shoulder.

We went home bringing a few big bags of satay, chicken, and seafood. So much food that it lasted us for two days. When we got home, Noe looked really cute sleeping with his fluorescent necklace.

The next day, we visited 9 months old Andika. He really has grown handsome and started to be curious with things around him. It looks like Andika and Noe will get along well together.

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At 24/9/05 21:20, fistfulofpixels said...

wah, barbecued stingray seperti apa tuh rasanya??? :-O


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