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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Most Common Singapore Names

From what i've observed, the most common girls name in Singapore is Sharon and everything which ends with -yn (jaslyn, sherlyn, etc). Most common boy's name in singapore ends up with -vin (melvin, kevin, alvin, etc).

I know five Sharons in the office (and all of them have quitted) It was quit difficult having several sharons in the same department in the office. We ended up calling the other sharon as Shah-Ron or Shaine. When one of them quitted, life became easier in the office.

Many Singaporeans i know just pick their english name right from the air, and not what their parents gave them.

As for baby names, the current trend in Singapore is to name the baby girls Faith. I know about four baby girls with this name.

As for indonesian baby names, two years ago names started with Z was the trend. For girls, Zahra, Zara, and Zera was very common, while for boys Zaki, Zidan, etc was really popular. Three years ago, Rifki or Rifqi was the most popular boys name in Indonesia.

Surely, names like Bambang, Gatot, or Cipto would not be so popular for children nowadays. I really can't imagine calling a baby "Gatot".
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At 17/9/05 22:26, dunard said...

It was nice to find your website. Your family is beautiful. I have a little girl now. Hr name is Gianna and she is 3 years old. My email is


At 20/9/05 17:07, yanti said...

Ran, kalo di Indo kayaknya lagi banyak orang ngasih nama anaknya diawali dgn huruf N.
'Sayangnya' Naila juga. Padahal gue ngincer ama itu sejak taun 98 kali ye :). Krn baru punya anak skrg, ya baru diimplementasikan skrg. Kesannya emang jadi kyk ikut2an tren

At 21/9/05 17:13, iratgh said...

Lucu juga ya soal nama2 ini. Kami selalu ngincer nama Jawa atau Indonesia. Buat anak kedua, kepinginnya anak cowok yang namanya Danang. Eh..kok keluarnya cewek, jadilah Daning. "Danang"nya nggak disimpen karena kami cuma kepingin 2 anak aja (apapun itu). Lhaaa....sekarang kami diberi kejutan seorang anak lagi (cowok, lagi!). Rasanya udah nggak ada nama lain yang paling cocok selain Danang...hehe. Tapi masa, Daning-Danang sih? Kasihan Indah nggak ada temennya..hihi. Akhirnya setelah sempet berdebat lama, jadilah si ganteng kami: Bagas. Bagas baguuus... kan?

At 2/8/06 12:09, Iceberg said...

I found your website while trying to search for evidence that my name is the most common in Singapore. Interesting post! It is also quite a coincidence that we both share the same template for our blogs.

At 25/9/06 12:26, Derek J Rogers said...

I found your blog while researching names in Singapore. Thanks for your blog, Indi and Rani. I'm a fiction writer in the United States. I have a scene in Singapore in the current book I am writing and need a character name for an Indonesian woman in Singapore. "Rani" would be perfect.



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