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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Punishment for Terrorists

Two bloggers present their point of view of the latest bombing.
7-8 argues that those terrorist come from the underprivileged part of the society. I would argue later that it is not that simple. Another blogger, Leonard argues that the most appropriate punishment for terrorist would be the severest punishment known to mankind - DEATH. But I would argue that no, death penalty wouldn't help. Allow me to present what might be the even more sadistic punishment for terrorists.

As we saw in previous terrorism cases, being highly educated and have easy access to the society does not guarantee people to stay away from terrorism. In the case of 9-11, the perpetrators are educated in engineering and IT in Western Countries. The fugitive for Indonesian bombings holds PhD degree from UK university, while his aidees are all highly educated in engineering. Being highly educated and living comfortably in democratic Western countries, what mould these people into terrorism? I can't answer it either, it puzzles me as well.

As for the punishment of the surviving terrorists:

The first step is to identify what are the ideological basis that compel the perpretators to conduct such act. Often, death is included as part of the ideology as path to glory and honour. Hence, it would not be effective to put death penalty to deter them from terrorism, because death is what they're looking for.

I suggest, after identifying the terrorists' ideological basis, the next step is to sentence the convicted terrorist by immersing them into the things and ideals contrary to their belief system.

For example, if the terrorists hate gay people, let them spend time with gay community and involved all the action. If the terrorists hate people from other religion, let the terorrist spend time living with those people, following their rituals. If the terrorists hate prostitute, send at least five STD infected prostitutes into his cell. If he hates george bush, let him live together with george bush. If they're vegetarian, give them meat everyday. Make them travel to the places that they think they hate. And make their family members become a part of what they hate, like sending the terrorist children to schools of different religions, and make sure those terrorist are alive to witness it. Let those terrorist travel (supervised, of course) to places that they have never visited.

I am sure that, when the terrorists are punished by living inside the community that they hate so much, they will feel worse than in hell. Imagine, everyday those terrorist are tortured by the thought of "I am sinning by living among these infidels!". How he would wish to rather die than having to be a part of community which he hate so much!

Moreover, let this be a commodity to the media too! Rather than spending the money for surveillance system to ensure those terrorist does not run away, let's make money from it! Let's make a reality TV show called "Terrorist Punishment", where the convicted terrorist is being followed by TV camera 24hr/7d/365 while he is serving is 'jail' term (living in the community which he hates so much).

Let the audience send SMS to the TV station saying what other treatments can be given to the terrorist. Do SMS voting to determine whether the terrorist's 'jail' term should be reduced or increased, or whether the terrorist has shown good behaviour during his 'jail' term.

but if all those fail, let him go through death sentence. But make sure the death is slow, painful, bloody, and is accompanied with video screening of the terrorist victims cry of death. don't let him die fast (in electric chair, hanging rope, shot, etc).

I guess all above will be more hurtful for the terrorists, yet those experience may change them into a better person.
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At 5/10/05 16:13, bridge said...

Golly! i wouldn't want to break any laws in Raniland! but the idea of sending prostitutes into the jail cell is pretty graphic and scarrrY!

At 5/10/05 16:22, bridge said...

'found the right word for this blog:


and chilling. ironically, the mental torture sounds almost like what every terrorist would love to exact on the rest of us! ;-)

At 5/10/05 22:41, 7-8 said...

Ah, read my entry a little more carefully. Without disagreeing with much else in your post, what I said was that the profile of the terrorist is an overeducated person who comes from an underprivileged part of the world.

At 7/10/05 03:14, nona cyan said... other words to let terrorist view other's perpectives. yea,if only.
Personally,I don't trust mortal punishment.

At 7/10/05 14:13, merlyna lim said...

huahahahaha.....your suggested punishments are kewl....

At 9/10/05 10:55, Debonaire Daisy said...

Hi Rani, capital punishement is still not ideal as a last resort, no matter how evil a person is, I think. I also think the root of the problem lies in literaturism (sp?), ie. Islamic literaures (the Quran aside). Usually people become specialise at something not only by practising, but also by reading. So I think one of the first steps in quelling their extreme ideologies is to rid of those literatures (God knows who wrote what and the interpretaion, re-interpretation and re-interpretration of the original teachings that it become so warpped, no wonder people become mad!), and.... never ever allow men to be in power. Force them to stay at home and take up the role of women, but NEVER allow men to be in power.


At 3/11/05 20:27, Merlin said...

I would like to impose as punishment: 10 hours a day, 7 days a week for 10 years - reading blogs and reciting them by heart. After that they'll be terrorists no more, believe me.


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