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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I've used Firefox for half year and I am still astonished on how customizable and expandable it is, yet it stays simple. When I started using firefox, I am amazed at how lightweight, speedy, and secure. I put yahoo and google toolbar to streamline my browsing experience, and adding wikipedia, ebay, and amazon search engine at the search box.

Then I signed up for Flickr Service. I found out that my Flickr experience can be further enhanced by installing Greasemonkey Script. Greasemonkey also integrates Flickr with Blogger, Geoblogger, Google Earth, Technorati, and

Then I found out about Sage, a lightweight RSS reader that integrate itself with Firefox. Usually I use Newsgator, a free web-based RSS reader, but I find that the interface is quirky and slow, because I need todepend on internet connection just to access Newsgator. With Sage, reading RSS has become a breeze.

Long Live Open Source!
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At 5/10/05 02:44, Gede Antara said...

Hi fellow firefoxer. I also have been using Mozilla's browser since it was still called firebird. It's much lighter than explorer. But I found that I couldn't get rid of explorer completely from my OS. I tried to uninstall explorer but I ended up having to re-install it again because it has some drivers that other programs need. So I keep both browsers but I use firefox as my primary. Any idea on how to get rid of explorer without causing further complication?

At 13/10/05 21:40, Anonymous said...

What about Opera?


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