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Thursday, October 13, 2005

13 October Tragedy

This morning was an awful day to begin a working day.

The clock showed 8pm, so I kissed my dear wife and baby goodbye. Wore my ugly socks and step outside the get my shoes.

Left shoe on. Snug fit. Perfect.
Not right shoe on... Snug fit? yes, but my toes are hitting something warm and soft.
I removed my right shoe and guess what was inside my shoe?

A handsome Prince charming (named Jiggy Froggy).

I freaked out! I threw the shoe against the wall and ran back inside the house to my wife and baby boy...

I have decided to throw away those good ol' shoes. God knows that Prince charming was probably peeing and pooping in there overnight (he does not wear a Dryper like Noe does).

PS: The entrance right at the top of staircase, about 19 risers from ground. How on earth did that Prince charming manage to jump 19 times (each jump is over ten times his height). I should have asked Rani to kiss that doggone Prince charming.


At 13/10/05 10:57, Audi Toruan said...

I was wondering to know how you knew his name was Jiggy Froggy. I think he just wanted to get to know your good ol' shoes and made friend with them. :)

At 13/10/05 16:05, yanti said...

hehehe kasian amat Indi.

btw Ran, itu di entry gue kan ada linknya ;)

At 13/10/05 20:23, Luigi said...

I guess the Jiggy Froggy took the express elevator and rang your door..

"Knock-knock, Hello!, is snuggy fit around? ---> aha There you are!.."

I guess Jiggy Froggy is tolerable, at least, not like a red-necked lizard that dodges the head everytime it sees you, would be theone entering.. and they are tons of them here.. :)

Well, it's Monrovia, anyway.. where lizards are crawling around like home-pet cats...:)


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