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Saturday, October 29, 2005

First Day in Jakarta

I was surprised to see someone who looked like Adi Wicaksono on TV in a cooking show called Magic Kitchen! Those hairy arms were on TV! I found that the show was really amusing and unique, however sometimes I couldn’t really catch what Adi talked about (perhaps it’s difficult to mike it in a real kitchen).

So I called Dyah to ask about it, and true, it was Adi Wicaksono. The show has been screened for several months, she said.

Later on I managed to talk to Adi as well. He said that the show is the most viewed cooking show at present, replacing Selera Nusantara – Rudi goes on hiatus. Congratulations Adi!

Ibu Wies couldn’t wait to see Noe and she decided to drive down to Bintaro to see Noe and give some Mango to Bintaro family. From there, we all decided to go to Carrefour because Ibu Tuti needed to get something from the shoe repair shop.

Even before we get off the car, we knew that it was going to be really really crowded. It took us about half an hour to get a parking. When we searched for parking, we saw that this balloon has a serious typo.

When we entered Carrefour, I saw so many people there that it was really difficult to walk around. I have never seen such a big crowd in one building before. Moreover, it rained, and it became difficult for people to exit the building. It was packed, but we managed to buy Kerak Telor.


At 22/11/05 13:01, thalia said...

wow, seriously? Adi has his own cooking show? that's so cool! and so fitting!

At 29/11/05 15:25, hera said...

His name is Adi Wicaksono? I thought it was Adi Taroepra..something. I don't like the sound and camera works either. Sometimes they tried too hard to get different angle but ended up tacky.


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