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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Weird Food - Huitlacoche

To continue the previous posting on Weird Food, today I'd like to share our experience cooking and eating Huitlacoche, aka Corn Smut, aka Corn Fungal Infection. This is inspired by Steve, Don't Eat It! - Huitlacoche Edition. Its shape is like blobs of shit, really. The name Huitlacoche itself means "Raven's Shit" in Aztec language.

Ever since I read Steve's posting about Huitlacoche, I became curious and wanted to try it. So, when I went to Tierney's Gourmet in Serene Centre, I was surprised to see two canned huitlacoche. One is creamed huitlacoche, and the other one is huitlacoche in intact condition. I decided to buy the creamed one, because it's cheaper and also safer for a beginner like me. If I survive this one, I will buy the intact version.

This creamed huitlacoche, is already mixed with onion, salt, pepper, spices, and milk. It's basically creamed soup in a can, ready to eat. Just like campbell's. Let's open up the can and see how it looks like.

Apparently, having been stored on shop shelf for a period of time had caused the soup to separate. And the colour is very much unlike the photo on the can label. I only see a grey gooey stuff. Judging from its look, it really looks rotten. Luckily the smell tells me that it's still good. Let's throw this guy into the saucepan together with the onion and veggies.

It still looked like a weird gooey grey blob when I put it into the saucepan.

Luckily after cooking it for 15 minutes, the blob became a proper (black coloured) cream soup. Served with tortilla chips. This is Indi with his portion of the Crema.

It tasted quite good, with a mild - a bit tangy taste of smoky mushroom with aftertaste deep inside your throat. However, it wasn't as strong as I'd expected, perhaps because the cream soup diluted the thingy. I wanna taste its purer form. So I need to head back to Tierney's and buy another can.

PS. Indi is sometimes confused seeing my curiousity over exotic food, he really doesn't think it's a big thing and I shouldn't be running around town checking out supermarket shelves for something funny. However, he would eat whatever exotic food that I cook. Double Standard, ey?


At 17/10/05 00:17, Blogger Indi said...

i don't want to lose weight so whatever rani makes i will eat.

At 25/10/05 00:08, Anonymous Fairy said...

OMG, I read that article by some time back (am back fan of the site!). I can't believe you actually tried it!! Argh...

At 7/1/08 23:24, Anonymous inge said...

There really is quite a lot of information on the internet. has photos of huitlacoche in the field and fresh frozen. Nothing like the canned variety in appearance or taste.


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