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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ibro's Birthday Party

Indi took Noe to the front yard and taught Noe how to drive.

Mr. and Mrs. Vidi and their daughter Vla visited us.

Vidi is Indi’s friend since junior high. The two of them, plus the other friends, used to hang out in Bintaro house, where they all watched porn video (Betamax, at that time) for the first time.

In the mean time, local news on TV screened a story about a grandma died unknowingly in her house, and her starved dogs ate her, until she’s discovered about a week after her death. Her arms and legs were badly severed, left only bones, eaten by the hungry dogs. You can see the picture of the severed body in this TV show, on a bright daylight. I can’t believe how bad Indonesian television scene is.

Later that night, we went to PI for Pak Hindro birthday dinner at Sapo Oriental. While we’re on the way to the restaurant we saw this bunch of people:

As you can see, Jakartans are not at all poor, in fact, they’re very affluent. See, they all can afford high-end mobile phone with video cameras. But what exactly are they taping?

It’s our friend Tompi! Following the success of his debut album, he took part in a idul fitri concert in PI mall.

This is Tompi again, viewed from someone’s camera.

After the concert, we continued to the restaurant where our relatives had waited to break the fast. Our cousin took turn to carry Noe. This is Santi with Noe.

This is Dewi with Noe. The last time we were in Jakarta, we couldn’t meet Dewi. So, this is Dewi’s first time seeing Noe.

This is Arif with Noe.

The food was really great. The chili chicken was really delicious. However, Indi complained about how the food was served in one go, rather than one-by-one. I can’t blame the staff because of the breaking-fast rush, they can’t afford to serve food slowly.

Finally, the climax of the show arrived. Pak Hindro blew the candle of his 60th birthday.

Here is the birthday boy with the wife.

BTW, there is one guy smoked in the restaurant knowing that it’s a public place, and moreover, I was sitting very near to him with a baby! What an inconsiderate person!

Back home, Pak Hindro opened the gifts. He was elated when he received the gift from the Singapore Team: A new o2 mini. He immediately tried the phone.


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