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Thursday, November 03, 2005


Finally, Indi spends lebaran in jakarta, after 13 years celebrating it abroad. Tis the day of ketupat on the breakfast table...

After the morning prayers, it's time for sungkeman - bowing/prostrating to the person that we love and respect. In this sense, we bowed to our grandma, mother, father, and spouse (aka husband), and older siblings. This is usually where tears of forgiveness flows. Here you can see Indi sought forgiveness from bapak Hindro sincerely.

A good wife prostrates on her husband's feet seeking for forgiveness in hari raya Eid

Brotherly hug

The elders of IKPN 4: Pak Hindro, Ibu Tuti, Eyang Buyut, and Oom Anto. And Neo at the foreground.

We love Noe!

Rani and Indi tries to emulate Noe's signature facial expression.

Eyang Putri, Eyang Kakung, Noe and Neo

After breakfast with our immediate family, we drove off to Jalan Bromo to gather with the Soemardjan Klan. This is Desyaf with Noe

Kanya flew to Jakarta from New Zealand, to meet Noe


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