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Thursday, November 03, 2005


Om Caryo's house is full of old photos of Soemardjan Klan. Do enjoy some of the photos here!

Today, Dhana dressed up as a saudi mullah as you can see below.

Finally, we have a photo of today's Soemardjan Klan

After Jalan Bromo, we drove down to Kebon Nanas for Jenie Family gathering. This is Noe with Oma As, while Nenek's hand was spooning kiwi fruit.

This is Nana with Noe:

After that, we drove all the way to Serpong to visit Oma Ida and Opa Seno's family. We had a great bowl of pempek and es campur! It was really good! This is our photo with Oom Busra and Opa Seno (Noe's Grandpa and Great-Grandpa).

I think in total we drove for about 150km all around Jakarta visiting relatives. But it was really a great experience, particularly for Indi who hasn't done this for 13 years! And we were impressed with Noe's stamina. He's really not tired at all! He would sleep soundly inside the babybjorn carrier on my breast.


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