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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Do not go to Jonas Photo!

Today we plan to do Soemardjan family photo. Having asked around, Yodhi found out that family photo package around Jakarta is very expensive, between three million rupiah or more expensive. It's quite ridiculously priced. So when Yodhi found out that Jonas Photo only charged about one hundred and fifty thousand rupiah, we decided to go there. Besides, I knew Jonas Photo is quite reputable in Bandung too.

We went to Jonas Photo at Arteri PI. There is a long line of other families waiting to take photos too. So instead of waiting in Jonas waiting room, we decided to go to Dunkin Donut and have breakfast. Indi brought our digital camera to capture the special family gathering moments, and hoping to be able to take the studio photographs using his own camera too. So here are some photos we took in Dunkin Donuts. This is Neo and Noe played together while Indi took photo of them through mirror reflection at Dunkin Donuts.

This is Noe kissed by Neo

After having brunch in Dunkin Donut for three hours, we walked back to Jonas Photo. What a surprise to find out that they haven't finished taking photo of the other group! So we waited again for another one hour there.

When our turn arrived, we saw the sign that we're not allowed to take photo using our own camera. Alright, we complied to that..

We requested for digital copy because it would be faster to process. Funnily enough, digital copy costs more than the print out, whereas in fact there will be less thing to do compared to print negatives. But we didn't complain yet.

We started to get irrtated when each time we request things, they always say that it cannot be done. Indi and Yodhi, both really know photography, so they requested to modify the lighting locations to create different effects. Jonas staff said, it can't be done because it's not the standard lighting. They have the lighting equipment, but they just didn't want to move it around. When Indi requested the staff to take the photo from lower angle, the staff at first said that it can't be done. But after Indi argued with her, she finally complied. When Indi requested for fill-in flash, again she said that it can't be done because it's not standard request.

The funny thing is that the staff did not take any light measurement. It seems that all she does is just push the camera trigger.

So after tiring argument, we finally have our photos done. We went back to the waiting room.

We were surprised to see that the photo resulted in ugly quality with grey backdrop (rather than white) and revealing the surrounding of the studio (equipment and stuff). But the staff assured us that the digital copy would be edited to crop and adjust the quality. OK, we tried to believe that....

But then we were surprised that we were asked to choose only one digital copies of around twenty takes that she did. We understood that we would only get one hard copy of the photos, but we expected to get CD-ROM of all the takes. We argued with them that we wanted to have digital copy all the takes, but they simply refused to do it. While they refused, they couldn't answer why they can't do it. We really did not understand, what so difficult with it?

We were also surprised that the format of the photos are small lowest resolution JPEG, rather than RAW images. Paying for digital copies, surely at least we deserve RAW images!

At that point we were quite angry that we asked to talk to their manager. Without remorse, they said that we can just write to the manager or even newspaper, but they wouldn't accommodate non-standard request such as ours.

And when the hard copy finally came, the photos wasn't cropped nor edited as promised.

We don't have anymore words to argue against their stubborness, so we went home disappointed, five hours of the day has gone to waste.

But what more can you expect? You pay peanuts, you get monkey service.

We should've just rented out a studio and do everything ourselves.

When we got home, Indi started to have fever, so I cancelled the plan to go to Mas Dian's new restaurant Trattoria. Over night, his fever got really bad and really high, close to 40 celcius. Indi went to doctor but not yet hospitalised, unless his fever do not go down the next day. We were all really anxious.


At 25/6/08 18:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I was quite surprise readig your story about Jonas photo. I am so sorry to hear that.

My family always go to Jonas and we don't have any problem with them. Mind you, we go to Jonas Jl. K.H Wahid Hasyim (Jakarta Pusat).

At 19/10/08 02:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling your story about Jonas Photo studio in arteri Pondok Indah. Our family is planning to go there for a family picture, and I guess we should change our mind. I knew there's something wrong with the staff. When I called to ask for their package, the statt was rude and far from polite.

At 10/12/08 13:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow its really surprising that Jonas Photo Studio have a bad services.. I just plan to go there and check in internet to get the address of Jonas Photo Studio in Jakarta and I got this..

do you have any suggestion for other photo studio?? please let me know.


At 17/12/08 09:00, Anonymous rangga said...

I have dozen bad experience with Jonas Photo. They never consistent and always make customer in the bad situations.
One of the worst case that I had found my negative scrathed, and they don't want responsible with that.

At 9/1/09 17:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

whoa u post it on 2005...
bad experience with Jonas Photo? its really surprising that Jonas Photo Studio have a bad services...

have u try jonas photo center in bandung. u have to stand in line to order, i wonder is that good or bad? so how many people is satisfied with jonas photo?

At 17/1/09 07:21, Blogger lepong said...

Thank you for your sharing. Sadly enough to hear that. I just canceled my plan to go to jonas photo with my family after reading your experience with them. It's better to avoid and find another studio. And it's also true sometimes when you pay peanuts you get monkey service.

At 20/1/09 13:26, Blogger Ranti said...

They sucks !
I have wedding photo service with them 4 years ago. The day after I got married I went to Australia for only 3 weeks.When I was back to bandung i realised many pics of me and my husband only were missing.I ask them about it and they blame me coz I did not complain earlier when my family took my wedding pics when I was away. Only 3 weeks they already deleted my pics file. They only compensated me with other free enlargement. What a nightmare!! WE ARE SO DISAPPOINTED!!!!! THE MOMENT JUST PASSED AND CAN NOT RE DO IT ..... I'M SO UPSET AND REGRET TO HAVE A SERVICES WITH THEM !

At 19/4/09 16:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

not only the service, you have to be very careful with their job offering. last year my relatives got an offering from them to join. After 3 months they offer him 3 year contract then his family decide to move to bandung, base on this contract but suddenly their terminate the contract without any reason. Well i thought why they give the monkey service related to the manner of the owner, they are the example for the employee


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