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Friday, November 04, 2005

The second day of lebaran

The second day of lebaran we were busy visiting friends and relatives... but of course, we started the day with a good warm bath. Here, Noe and Neo took a bath together, helped by Eyang Putri.

In the afternoon we visited Chiki in her house in jalan Erlangga. Noe had a great time exploring Chiki's house. It turned out that Chiki's brother works in a travel magazine, we decided to promote Anai resort to him too. Oh well, this is Noe with Chiki.

Late afternoon, we went to Tante Paula's house and we had a great late lunch too, the usual lebaran dishes like rendang, sambal goreng ati. Noe had his first taste of papaya. Since we planned to go to Dapur Babah again this evening (this time with Rani's family), we invited Tante Paula to join the dinner.

So at 8pm we arrived in Dapur Babah. The two lovebirds are already there for 20 minutes.

And these old lovebirds were there too.

This time, the colorful rice varieties come in a traditional enamel-layered metal rice bowl.

We order "Bebek Peking", a bastardised chinese-style duck dish. The taste was more 'indonesian' rather than authentically chinese.

We also ordered oseng genjer just like the last time we're here, but this time, we took the photo. Genjer is some kind of leafy vegetable with its flowers, it absorbs the fermented soy (tauco) sauce well. It was really really good

Bapak ordered sayur lodeh a.k.a vegetable curry javanese style

Tante Paula, yearning for dutch colonial food, ordered Biefstuk. Bifstuk a la Babah, cooked in old colonial style. It is basically burger without buns.

Rani ordered Semur Lidah Beef tongue soy sauce stew.

Because our waiter, Mr. Botak Kece, wasn't really good in telling stories, we specially requested Mr. Bronto to tell us again about the tale of the restaurant and its antique collections. He's indeed, a good storyteller.

Ibu and Tante Paula listened attentively to Mr. Bronto.


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