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Friday, December 23, 2005

2005 Noe's Video List - Updated

We're in the process of migrating to the new blog engine, which hopefully can be launched by new year. Beta version is actually available, but it's still barren .. email or PM me if you wanna test the beta or help out.. thanks. Some december entries will be available in that location too.

In the mean time, please do enjoy Noe's videos for the year 2005. Sorry for the quality, we took it using cameraphone:


At 23/12/05 18:38, Blogger BundaZidan&Syifa said...

rani rajin banget deh ih..
two thumbs up!

At 23/12/05 22:32, Anonymous Niez R. said...

How inspiring! I hope when my time comes (as a parent), I too will be able to accompany my child and cherish his/her developments at every moment. Two thumbs up and 100 brownie points & sugarplum fairies for the both of you for being such loving and thoughtful parents! Noe is truly blessed :o)


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