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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Life in Singapore

On Saturday, after Rani's last exam, Natasha invited us for dinner. Rani cooked baked spinach pasta to bring. Luckily the pasta turned out to be delicious and complement well Natasha's salad.

After dinner, Noe had half of jar of gerber prune to help with his digestion.

Andi has grown really big and has a big voice too, military style, like the father ;> He already has four teeth and is biting mummy's breast too.. ouch!

The next day Noe had his first slide into the pool..

The same day we saw an Indian Supergirl for the first time!

Compared to the real Supergirl, of course the indian one dresses up more politely.


At 23/12/05 19:14, bima said...

good stuff rani...

i forgot that you are also in singapore. where do you guys stay? i'm at havelock rd.

hope to see you around...

At 1/6/07 15:17, Anonymous said...

Mbak, numpang tanya..gimana sih cara mengganti blogspot jadi net?


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