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Monday, November 07, 2005

Dengue and Jenie Gathering

Yesterday, Indi's fever didn't subside. Ibu Wies and Pak Ahmad visited Indi to see his condition.

Having seen Indi, Ibu suggested that Noe (and Rani of course) needed to be evacuated because it is not confirmed that Indi had dengue (it could be other type of contagious viral infection that may infect Noe), and if indeed it is dengue, it's possible that the mosquito lives around Bintaro and might bite us.

I felt sad to have to leave Indi, but Ibu Tuti reassured me that Indi would be taken care of and it's more important to be careful for the sake of Noe's well being and get him evacuated to Menteng.

So I packed my bags and join Ibu Wies and Pak Ahmad. They were going to Jenie Family gathering in Halim Persada Country Club before going home to Menteng.

This is Nizar, the chairperson of this gathering, delivering his keynote speech representing the third generation of Jenie family.

This is Uncle Busra, Iik, and Jurike reading out the latest news of Jenie Family.

This is Izak, presenting the Jenie Family Tree website.

It was difficult for me to really enjoy the gathering because I keep worrying about Indi's condition. While I was away, his fever reached 40 degree, and I urged him to just go to hospital for constant monitoring. In the early evening, Indi finally decided to go to hospital.

The next day, today - Monday, Mas Dede arrived in Jakarta from Bandung. He took Noe swimming in Menteng's pool. But perhaps Noe was tired, so he fell asleep in Mas Dede's arm while swimming.

Later in the evening, I visited Indi in the hospital. He is still feverish, but as funny as ever. While I visited him, Oom Caryo family also came to see Indi.


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