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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Djojosugito Gathering

We thought we wouldn't be able to come to Djojosugito family gathering taking place on Friday. But since we sort-of forced to stay in Indonesia, I decided to come to the gathering, which I haven't done ever since I started to live abroad.

Before we leave for the gathering, Noe played with Nenek in the Kids room in the apartment.

Then on the way to the gathering, we saw this lovely grafitti.

The gathering took place in Mas Maman's house in Widya Chandra. It was a garden party. The food was really good, from spareribs to balinese traditional food and very good desert, es campur.. Here are some photos from the gathering.

This is Bu Iik with Iik

This is Mas Icak with Ibu Wies

Here's the surviving first generation of the Djojosugito family.

This is Noe, as usual, flirting with girls, in this sense a newborn girl.

Here's Mas Dody in action with his big lens that resembles a phallic symbol.

This is Ardi with Noe.

This is Asha with Noe.

Mbak Fanny, the soon to be married, with Ardi her brother.

This is Ari, the drummer.

The hot topic of the day was persecution against Ahmadiyah and religious extremism in Indonesia.


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