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Friday, November 11, 2005

Goat Testicle

Yesterday, after visiting Indi in the hospital and on the way to home, I went to Kumis 999 Goat Feet Soup that I have yearned for the longest time. It is finally open after closed for the whole month of ramadan.

Basically, here, none of the body part of the poor goat is wasted. I am giving you a preview close up one by one. These are THE goat's feet. To be mixed with soup. The soft bones are exquisite!

These are goat's lungs and brain, to be mixed with soup.

These are goat's eyeballs, goat's sliced ears, and upper head bones cut into chunks. They are to be mixed with soup.

This is the goat's nose bone, to be mixed with soup.

I think this is goat's tripe and intestines, to be mixed into the soup.

And of course, the special main course of the day, Goat Testicle Satay! It is sold for a whooping 70K Rupiah, or 7 USD, per portion of ten skewers. Here's step by step direction on how to make it. These are goat testicles for both the satay and soup. Actually the shop ran out of goat testicle, so they had to go to the adjacent shop that sells the same thing to get the mountain oyster for me.

First, you cut the goat testicles into small piece to be put into skewers.

The goat testicle went to marinade (soy sauce lemon and onion).

Finally, the goat testicles were char-grilled. It's so good, it melts in your mouth!


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