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Thursday, November 10, 2005

In Hospital

After having two cycles of fever, Indi became lethargic and his platelet count fell, really low, about 17,000 only (from the normal count of 200,000!). You can see his two cycle of fever in this chart.

You can see how lethargic Indi was. He didn't even respond to our jokes!

Three days in the hospital and he misses Noe so much. But Noe couldn't and shouldn't come inside the hospital. So how do we help Indi cure his longing feeling for his son? Easy. We parked the car outside Indi's window. We took Maysaroh, our helper, to babysit Noe while Rani's in the hospital room. So anytime Noe cries for milk, Maysaroh would wave at the window and Rani would run down to the parking lot. Then Indi walked to the window and wave at Noe. Ow... so touching.

The past three days has been really frantic for me. I needed to commute about 120km everyday with the baby, picked up the baby sitter, then off to the hospital, drop off the baby sitter again, then go home, then go back to pick up the baby sitter again, then off to hospital, etc etc... . The hospital is about 30km away from my parents' apartment in Menteng and I wanted to go to the hospital twice everyday. Then I also had to study for the exam, and submit paper assignment to my professor in Singapore. But none of the franticness is comparable to my anxiety waiting for Indi to get better.


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