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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Back to Singapore

We wrap up the tale of our trip with the finale.

Basically we didn't spend much time travelling around Jakarta, since Indi had to take total rest. So we just sit around at home watch TV (I studied for exam of course), playing with Noe. Sometimes Indi went to hospital to settle administration issues.

Oh I went to beauty salon for complete facial treatment with massage and earcandling, plus haircut. It only cost about 30 dollars for the whole thing! In Singapore it might cost hundreds of dollars. That's why, going to beauty salon is a must everytime we go back to Jakarta.

Eyang Putri really loves dressing up Noe, for example this one, Noe with his new cap and glasses.

Noe then put the glasses on Eyang Putri

On the 19th I flew back to Singapore only to attend exam. It was quite tiring, going back and forth Singapore Jakarta in only 12 hours.

Before that, I tried hard to express my breastmilk for Noe to be used while I'm away, but perhaps because I am too stressed out, no milk comes out from the pumping. Only when i direct feed Noe, the oxytocin rushed to my brain and I have a spraying let-down. Neo saw me spraying out milk, and he said, it was just like Pipis (pee).

Well because I didn't have enough milk to give to Noe while i'm away, we resorted by buying formula.

So I flew to Singapore on 18 late at night, and I didn't sleep the whole night because finally I can concentrate studying without any interruption. I boosted myself with coffee to keep me awake the next day. After the exam, I try to express milk and got two bottle full! Maybe because the stress of exam is relieved. at 3pm I rushed back to the airport.

When I arrived in Bintaro again, Ibu Tuti already prepared a barbeque party, to celebrate Indi's recovery and Bimo's engagement. This is Bimo with Noe.

This is Yitno preparing the fire for barbeque.

It turned out that Ibu Tuti didn't sleep the whole night because Noe was restless without my presence. And Noe wouldn't take formula, until he knew that I am not around. Sorry my son, we would not force you drink that ugly formula milk again.

The next day, our last day in Jakarta, Ibu Tuti spent her time playing with Noe.

BTW we had a difficult time persuading singapore airlines to change the date of our departure. But this is a different story altogether which I would write on separate blog entry. One may ask why we didn't just go to Singapore when I attended the exam. The answer is that because Indi needed to do final check up in the hospital the day I had the exam. Well, glad now everything's settled.


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