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Sunday, December 04, 2005

First Pincer Grip

We went to Giant Supermarket to do our fortnightly shopping. We bought finger food for Noe to see whether he's ready to feed himself with hands. To our surprise, there is Ikan Lele / Sembilang / Catfish in IMM. We've been wanting to eat Pecel Lele and there is still leftover sambel pecel in the fridge, so Rani bought a pair of Lele. Look at how fresh and nicely they cook in the wok, just like a YinYang sign.

While we're having lunch, we gave the finger food that we bought a try. Seemed that Noe has developed his pincer grip capability.

Later in the afternoon, the Steve and Katrina came to our house, with Baby Thalia. Looks like Thalia has slowly lost her blond streak and changed the hair color to a bit brown.. but the eyes are still blue.

Noe also has stopped taking a shower in the bath. Instead he would just stand up in the bathroom floor under the shower directly, or stand up in the bucket and play with water.


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