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Monday, January 26, 2004

I meant to show you the Stone Seal which we got from Malaka. Here it is:

It writes: su ma quan, a transliteration of our family name Soemardjan, and it means "A Powerful Horse". It took the carver one hour to get to the appropriate chinese characters.

We both have been addicted to lately. It is a website where we can upload our photographic works and have other members comment on it. Please check out Indi's fotografer gallery and Rani's fotografer gallery.

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This is Rani speaking. I really love and appreciate the time staying at home and being together with my husband. We just stayed at home for two straight days during chinese new year. Partly because of the rain, partly because we want to do our spring cleaning, and partly because we want to finish up our DVD collection (including all the special features). Time seemed to stop moving, it is really cool to be able to detach ourselves from the fast-life in Singapore.

We went to visit Mike and Karyn Willie who were supposed to have their daughter born on that day. We haven't seen them for a long time because we were really busy! I wish I have more spare time to visit our close friends and pay more attention to them.

We went to Jaggi's on Saturday, our favorite Indian Restaurant. I had the best and the freshest Gulab Jamun I've ever had!

On Sunday we met Aaron on the bus stop, when we were coming home from Tanglin Halt Market. We were thinking of having a trip to Vietnam together, to get ourselves exposed to Vietnamese people and culture, and to take pictures of the people!

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