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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Life in Singapore

On Saturday, after Rani's last exam, Natasha invited us for dinner. Rani cooked baked spinach pasta to bring. Luckily the pasta turned out to be delicious and complement well Natasha's salad.

After dinner, Noe had half of jar of gerber prune to help with his digestion.

Andi has grown really big and has a big voice too, military style, like the father ;> He already has four teeth and is biting mummy's breast too.. ouch!

The next day Noe had his first slide into the pool..

The same day we saw an Indian Supergirl for the first time!

Compared to the real Supergirl, of course the indian one dresses up more politely.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Noe's First Burning Mouth

I recalled that I still have Christmas point wildrice from Elizabeth that has been sitting in our storage for more than a year. Also, Noe is now eight month old, which means he can eat cheese. So we decided to cook Spinach Wild Rice Casserole for the whole family and for Noe.

  • One cup of wild rice
  • Two cups of stock (beef, chicken, vegetable, etc)
  • One onion, chopped
  • Two cloves of garlic
  • Smoked beef cut to cubes (I used smoked tongue)
  • One bunch of spinach
  • Cheese - to taste - use parmesan mozzarella mix. But since I didn't have it, I use sliced cheddar
  • Parsley, chopped
  • Salt, pepper, basil, rosemary - to taste
  • Butter
Melt butter. Mix in smoked beef and brown it a bit. Mix in onion and garlic, sautee until it becomes transparent and soft. Mix in wild rice, sautee for three to five minutes. Pour in the stock and seasoning, reduce fire. Keep it over fire, stirring occasionnally until the stock is fully absorbed and the rice become soft but dry. Turn off fire, mix in most of the spinach into the rice mixture. Prepare casserole bowl. Put in the remaining spinach at the bottom. Put in a layer of cheese. Then put in some rice-spinach mixture topped with layer of cheese, do this until you finish up the rice-spinach mixture. Finish it up with a layer of cheese sprinkled wirh chopped parsley. Bake in the oven for perhaps 15 minutes (medium fire) until the cheese is nicely melted and the spinach cooked.

The taste wasn't bad at all. The hand picked wild rice really tasted exquisite. Each grain popped in your mouth and gives chewy texture to the casserole, unlike ordinary rice. We ate it with additional dash of tabasco.

When we feed Noe the spinach-cheese mixture, we accidentaly put a drop of tabasco in it. We didn't know that! Then Noe happily took a spoonfull of the spinach, chew it a couple of times, then he screamed and coughed, and his hands rubbed his face. His face became red. At that moment we all know there was a tiny drop of tabasco accidentally got into Noe's plate. But after the brief scream, he looked as if nothing happened. I guess he would be a chili lover like his mom and dad.

Summary of Noe's development over the past month:
  • He crawled on two arms and two legs, at first for a short distance, and now all over the house (albeit grudgingly - HE HATES CRAWLING, HE WANTS TO WALK).
  • He's able to take alternate steps on his feet.
  • He would walk by creeping along furnitures. He loves this activity so much!
  • He could stand up without holding on to anything (for 15 seconds at most). He would pull himself to standing position and then he'd let go of his hands. Look mommy, no hands!
  • Seemed he started to talk too - in his own language. For example, he would consistently and specifically say "Ah-Ji-Ji!" if he wants to breastfeed. If he's upset about something else, he would not say "Ah-Ji-Ji!". When he's happy, he would say "Ah-Ah-Ah!".
We hope we could take videos or photos of the above pretty soon. When he did all those things we never have cameras ready in our hands.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

We're back

We're back in Singapore. We'll post the stories about our last (extended) trip to jakarta in their appropriate dates. You can find the table of contents here, too.

I'll do the table of contents after I finish writing the stories of our jakarta trip.

Thank you very much for your support, we really are touched by your kindness.

Indi is recovering. He still needs to take a rest to fully recover his heart condition, which was affected by the complication of dengue. So, no alcohol for Indi for this month. Poor thing!

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Back to Singapore

We wrap up the tale of our trip with the finale.

Basically we didn't spend much time travelling around Jakarta, since Indi had to take total rest. So we just sit around at home watch TV (I studied for exam of course), playing with Noe. Sometimes Indi went to hospital to settle administration issues.

Oh I went to beauty salon for complete facial treatment with massage and earcandling, plus haircut. It only cost about 30 dollars for the whole thing! In Singapore it might cost hundreds of dollars. That's why, going to beauty salon is a must everytime we go back to Jakarta.

Eyang Putri really loves dressing up Noe, for example this one, Noe with his new cap and glasses.

Noe then put the glasses on Eyang Putri

On the 19th I flew back to Singapore only to attend exam. It was quite tiring, going back and forth Singapore Jakarta in only 12 hours.

Before that, I tried hard to express my breastmilk for Noe to be used while I'm away, but perhaps because I am too stressed out, no milk comes out from the pumping. Only when i direct feed Noe, the oxytocin rushed to my brain and I have a spraying let-down. Neo saw me spraying out milk, and he said, it was just like Pipis (pee).

Well because I didn't have enough milk to give to Noe while i'm away, we resorted by buying formula.

So I flew to Singapore on 18 late at night, and I didn't sleep the whole night because finally I can concentrate studying without any interruption. I boosted myself with coffee to keep me awake the next day. After the exam, I try to express milk and got two bottle full! Maybe because the stress of exam is relieved. at 3pm I rushed back to the airport.

When I arrived in Bintaro again, Ibu Tuti already prepared a barbeque party, to celebrate Indi's recovery and Bimo's engagement. This is Bimo with Noe.

This is Yitno preparing the fire for barbeque.

It turned out that Ibu Tuti didn't sleep the whole night because Noe was restless without my presence. And Noe wouldn't take formula, until he knew that I am not around. Sorry my son, we would not force you drink that ugly formula milk again.

The next day, our last day in Jakarta, Ibu Tuti spent her time playing with Noe.

BTW we had a difficult time persuading singapore airlines to change the date of our departure. But this is a different story altogether which I would write on separate blog entry. One may ask why we didn't just go to Singapore when I attended the exam. The answer is that because Indi needed to do final check up in the hospital the day I had the exam. Well, glad now everything's settled.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Outta Hospital

Indi's getting sick of the hospital. Once his platelet count reached 100 he decided to walk outta there.

Finally Noe gets to see Bapak again. Noe didn't forget Bapak at all. Noe was really elated to see Bapak!

Finally together again...

When we get back home, Noe was eager to show off that he now can stand up only with one hand holding onto something.

Somehow, Noe hated bath in Jakarta, unlike in Singapore where he really loves shower and bath and swimming.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Djojosugito Gathering

We thought we wouldn't be able to come to Djojosugito family gathering taking place on Friday. But since we sort-of forced to stay in Indonesia, I decided to come to the gathering, which I haven't done ever since I started to live abroad.

Before we leave for the gathering, Noe played with Nenek in the Kids room in the apartment.

Then on the way to the gathering, we saw this lovely grafitti.

The gathering took place in Mas Maman's house in Widya Chandra. It was a garden party. The food was really good, from spareribs to balinese traditional food and very good desert, es campur.. Here are some photos from the gathering.

This is Bu Iik with Iik

This is Mas Icak with Ibu Wies

Here's the surviving first generation of the Djojosugito family.

This is Noe, as usual, flirting with girls, in this sense a newborn girl.

Here's Mas Dody in action with his big lens that resembles a phallic symbol.

This is Ardi with Noe.

This is Asha with Noe.

Mbak Fanny, the soon to be married, with Ardi her brother.

This is Ari, the drummer.

The hot topic of the day was persecution against Ahmadiyah and religious extremism in Indonesia.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Goat Testicle

Yesterday, after visiting Indi in the hospital and on the way to home, I went to Kumis 999 Goat Feet Soup that I have yearned for the longest time. It is finally open after closed for the whole month of ramadan.

Basically, here, none of the body part of the poor goat is wasted. I am giving you a preview close up one by one. These are THE goat's feet. To be mixed with soup. The soft bones are exquisite!

These are goat's lungs and brain, to be mixed with soup.

These are goat's eyeballs, goat's sliced ears, and upper head bones cut into chunks. They are to be mixed with soup.

This is the goat's nose bone, to be mixed with soup.

I think this is goat's tripe and intestines, to be mixed into the soup.

And of course, the special main course of the day, Goat Testicle Satay! It is sold for a whooping 70K Rupiah, or 7 USD, per portion of ten skewers. Here's step by step direction on how to make it. These are goat testicles for both the satay and soup. Actually the shop ran out of goat testicle, so they had to go to the adjacent shop that sells the same thing to get the mountain oyster for me.

First, you cut the goat testicles into small piece to be put into skewers.

The goat testicle went to marinade (soy sauce lemon and onion).

Finally, the goat testicles were char-grilled. It's so good, it melts in your mouth!

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

In Hospital

After having two cycles of fever, Indi became lethargic and his platelet count fell, really low, about 17,000 only (from the normal count of 200,000!). You can see his two cycle of fever in this chart.

You can see how lethargic Indi was. He didn't even respond to our jokes!

Three days in the hospital and he misses Noe so much. But Noe couldn't and shouldn't come inside the hospital. So how do we help Indi cure his longing feeling for his son? Easy. We parked the car outside Indi's window. We took Maysaroh, our helper, to babysit Noe while Rani's in the hospital room. So anytime Noe cries for milk, Maysaroh would wave at the window and Rani would run down to the parking lot. Then Indi walked to the window and wave at Noe. Ow... so touching.

The past three days has been really frantic for me. I needed to commute about 120km everyday with the baby, picked up the baby sitter, then off to the hospital, drop off the baby sitter again, then go home, then go back to pick up the baby sitter again, then off to hospital, etc etc... . The hospital is about 30km away from my parents' apartment in Menteng and I wanted to go to the hospital twice everyday. Then I also had to study for the exam, and submit paper assignment to my professor in Singapore. But none of the franticness is comparable to my anxiety waiting for Indi to get better.

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We're still stuck in Jakarta. Indi got hit by dengue fever last saturday and now hospitalised. Please help with prayers for his speedy recovery.

Indi is in room 272 RS Internasional Bintaro, do visit him if you can (do bring Lindt 70% chocolate bars if you can :>).

I had to evacuate to Menteng and everyday commute 35km between Menteng and hospital. I'm sad because i can't fully stay in the hospital to accompany my hubby, but Neo needs my milk, and i can't bring Noe into the hospital.

Internet connection in Jakarta is really bad. No broadband, at least not at our homes. I hope I would remember to upload photos when I'm back in Singapore.

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Dengue and Jenie Gathering

Yesterday, Indi's fever didn't subside. Ibu Wies and Pak Ahmad visited Indi to see his condition.

Having seen Indi, Ibu suggested that Noe (and Rani of course) needed to be evacuated because it is not confirmed that Indi had dengue (it could be other type of contagious viral infection that may infect Noe), and if indeed it is dengue, it's possible that the mosquito lives around Bintaro and might bite us.

I felt sad to have to leave Indi, but Ibu Tuti reassured me that Indi would be taken care of and it's more important to be careful for the sake of Noe's well being and get him evacuated to Menteng.

So I packed my bags and join Ibu Wies and Pak Ahmad. They were going to Jenie Family gathering in Halim Persada Country Club before going home to Menteng.

This is Nizar, the chairperson of this gathering, delivering his keynote speech representing the third generation of Jenie family.

This is Uncle Busra, Iik, and Jurike reading out the latest news of Jenie Family.

This is Izak, presenting the Jenie Family Tree website.

It was difficult for me to really enjoy the gathering because I keep worrying about Indi's condition. While I was away, his fever reached 40 degree, and I urged him to just go to hospital for constant monitoring. In the early evening, Indi finally decided to go to hospital.

The next day, today - Monday, Mas Dede arrived in Jakarta from Bandung. He took Noe swimming in Menteng's pool. But perhaps Noe was tired, so he fell asleep in Mas Dede's arm while swimming.

Later in the evening, I visited Indi in the hospital. He is still feverish, but as funny as ever. While I visited him, Oom Caryo family also came to see Indi.

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Do not go to Jonas Photo!

Today we plan to do Soemardjan family photo. Having asked around, Yodhi found out that family photo package around Jakarta is very expensive, between three million rupiah or more expensive. It's quite ridiculously priced. So when Yodhi found out that Jonas Photo only charged about one hundred and fifty thousand rupiah, we decided to go there. Besides, I knew Jonas Photo is quite reputable in Bandung too.

We went to Jonas Photo at Arteri PI. There is a long line of other families waiting to take photos too. So instead of waiting in Jonas waiting room, we decided to go to Dunkin Donut and have breakfast. Indi brought our digital camera to capture the special family gathering moments, and hoping to be able to take the studio photographs using his own camera too. So here are some photos we took in Dunkin Donuts. This is Neo and Noe played together while Indi took photo of them through mirror reflection at Dunkin Donuts.

This is Noe kissed by Neo

After having brunch in Dunkin Donut for three hours, we walked back to Jonas Photo. What a surprise to find out that they haven't finished taking photo of the other group! So we waited again for another one hour there.

When our turn arrived, we saw the sign that we're not allowed to take photo using our own camera. Alright, we complied to that..

We requested for digital copy because it would be faster to process. Funnily enough, digital copy costs more than the print out, whereas in fact there will be less thing to do compared to print negatives. But we didn't complain yet.

We started to get irrtated when each time we request things, they always say that it cannot be done. Indi and Yodhi, both really know photography, so they requested to modify the lighting locations to create different effects. Jonas staff said, it can't be done because it's not the standard lighting. They have the lighting equipment, but they just didn't want to move it around. When Indi requested the staff to take the photo from lower angle, the staff at first said that it can't be done. But after Indi argued with her, she finally complied. When Indi requested for fill-in flash, again she said that it can't be done because it's not standard request.

The funny thing is that the staff did not take any light measurement. It seems that all she does is just push the camera trigger.

So after tiring argument, we finally have our photos done. We went back to the waiting room.

We were surprised to see that the photo resulted in ugly quality with grey backdrop (rather than white) and revealing the surrounding of the studio (equipment and stuff). But the staff assured us that the digital copy would be edited to crop and adjust the quality. OK, we tried to believe that....

But then we were surprised that we were asked to choose only one digital copies of around twenty takes that she did. We understood that we would only get one hard copy of the photos, but we expected to get CD-ROM of all the takes. We argued with them that we wanted to have digital copy all the takes, but they simply refused to do it. While they refused, they couldn't answer why they can't do it. We really did not understand, what so difficult with it?

We were also surprised that the format of the photos are small lowest resolution JPEG, rather than RAW images. Paying for digital copies, surely at least we deserve RAW images!

At that point we were quite angry that we asked to talk to their manager. Without remorse, they said that we can just write to the manager or even newspaper, but they wouldn't accommodate non-standard request such as ours.

And when the hard copy finally came, the photos wasn't cropped nor edited as promised.

We don't have anymore words to argue against their stubborness, so we went home disappointed, five hours of the day has gone to waste.

But what more can you expect? You pay peanuts, you get monkey service.

We should've just rented out a studio and do everything ourselves.

When we got home, Indi started to have fever, so I cancelled the plan to go to Mas Dian's new restaurant Trattoria. Over night, his fever got really bad and really high, close to 40 celcius. Indi went to doctor but not yet hospitalised, unless his fever do not go down the next day. We were all really anxious.

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Friday, November 04, 2005

The second day of lebaran

The second day of lebaran we were busy visiting friends and relatives... but of course, we started the day with a good warm bath. Here, Noe and Neo took a bath together, helped by Eyang Putri.

In the afternoon we visited Chiki in her house in jalan Erlangga. Noe had a great time exploring Chiki's house. It turned out that Chiki's brother works in a travel magazine, we decided to promote Anai resort to him too. Oh well, this is Noe with Chiki.

Late afternoon, we went to Tante Paula's house and we had a great late lunch too, the usual lebaran dishes like rendang, sambal goreng ati. Noe had his first taste of papaya. Since we planned to go to Dapur Babah again this evening (this time with Rani's family), we invited Tante Paula to join the dinner.

So at 8pm we arrived in Dapur Babah. The two lovebirds are already there for 20 minutes.

And these old lovebirds were there too.

This time, the colorful rice varieties come in a traditional enamel-layered metal rice bowl.

We order "Bebek Peking", a bastardised chinese-style duck dish. The taste was more 'indonesian' rather than authentically chinese.

We also ordered oseng genjer just like the last time we're here, but this time, we took the photo. Genjer is some kind of leafy vegetable with its flowers, it absorbs the fermented soy (tauco) sauce well. It was really really good

Bapak ordered sayur lodeh a.k.a vegetable curry javanese style

Tante Paula, yearning for dutch colonial food, ordered Biefstuk. Bifstuk a la Babah, cooked in old colonial style. It is basically burger without buns.

Rani ordered Semur Lidah Beef tongue soy sauce stew.

Because our waiter, Mr. Botak Kece, wasn't really good in telling stories, we specially requested Mr. Bronto to tell us again about the tale of the restaurant and its antique collections. He's indeed, a good storyteller.

Ibu and Tante Paula listened attentively to Mr. Bronto.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005


Om Caryo's house is full of old photos of Soemardjan Klan. Do enjoy some of the photos here!

Today, Dhana dressed up as a saudi mullah as you can see below.

Finally, we have a photo of today's Soemardjan Klan

After Jalan Bromo, we drove down to Kebon Nanas for Jenie Family gathering. This is Noe with Oma As, while Nenek's hand was spooning kiwi fruit.

This is Nana with Noe:

After that, we drove all the way to Serpong to visit Oma Ida and Opa Seno's family. We had a great bowl of pempek and es campur! It was really good! This is our photo with Oom Busra and Opa Seno (Noe's Grandpa and Great-Grandpa).

I think in total we drove for about 150km all around Jakarta visiting relatives. But it was really a great experience, particularly for Indi who hasn't done this for 13 years! And we were impressed with Noe's stamina. He's really not tired at all! He would sleep soundly inside the babybjorn carrier on my breast.

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Finally, Indi spends lebaran in jakarta, after 13 years celebrating it abroad. Tis the day of ketupat on the breakfast table...

After the morning prayers, it's time for sungkeman - bowing/prostrating to the person that we love and respect. In this sense, we bowed to our grandma, mother, father, and spouse (aka husband), and older siblings. This is usually where tears of forgiveness flows. Here you can see Indi sought forgiveness from bapak Hindro sincerely.

A good wife prostrates on her husband's feet seeking for forgiveness in hari raya Eid

Brotherly hug

The elders of IKPN 4: Pak Hindro, Ibu Tuti, Eyang Buyut, and Oom Anto. And Neo at the foreground.

We love Noe!

Rani and Indi tries to emulate Noe's signature facial expression.

Eyang Putri, Eyang Kakung, Noe and Neo

After breakfast with our immediate family, we drove off to Jalan Bromo to gather with the Soemardjan Klan. This is Desyaf with Noe

Kanya flew to Jakarta from New Zealand, to meet Noe

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Meeting some Friends

Today we met with Pak Pudjo and Reza in Shangrila, and later visited Reza's office in Jalan Sudirman. Before we return home to Bintaro, we visited Mbak Nana and Mas Adi in Taman Rasuna. The last time I met mbak Nana was in 1999 while I was in London, and at that time, the oldest daughter Ditte was still two years old. Now she's 8 year old already, in elementary school.

Mbak Nana's team won the Jatinegara Urban Design competition in the fourth place. She shared with us the design scheme and the jury process, which she wasn't really satisfied about.

After that, we went home to pick up Yodhi and spent the rest of the evening in Pondok Indah Mall. Right now, Singapore dollar is really high compared to Rupiah , making almost everything cheaper - except for those which are imported -, hence we did this shopping spree. Indi and Yodhi mostly bought office shirt and trousers.

Yep, that's about it for today.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Peranakan Food

We drove around Jakarta, from the Silalahi House, to Pondok Indah Mall, to Dapur Babah Restaurant in the evening. Do enjoy the picture of the food here!

We went to Silalahi’s house to pay a visit to tante Sondang. We haven’t met her since her husband passed away. On the way to her house, we were a bit lost because Jakarta had changed a lot since the last time we were there.

Opung Sondang was really thrilled to see Noe. It is her first time meeting Noe. She said Noe seems to become a really smart boy, judging from his physical appearance (such as high forehead). Amen, we sincerely hope that what she said is true.

What a nice surprise that Ester and Danny also came to Opung Sondang’s house. She also brought a lot of fried chicken from Mbok Berek. As I’m still breastfeeding, I won’t refuse the offer to have such an exquisite lunch. I think I haven’t eaten Mbok Berek Chicken since eons ago.

Ester was pregnant with a baby boy, and due anytime soon. They’ve prepared a name too, Tio Lumban Tobing.

We spent quite a long time at Silalahi House, we even met their relatives, who works in ITB as professor in the planning school. No wonder Noe was a bit tired and slept on Rani’s belly. Actually ever since we arrived in Jakarta, Noe had become clingier to us. Noe wouldn’t sleep if not on Rani’s or Indi’s chest or belly. He’d cry if he’s left in bed alone. Well we think it’s just a phase he needed to go through. Yep, it is the separation anxiety thingy.

Meanwhile, Priscilla is getting really big now. She can sing together with the daddy. She is also well prepared to greet the arrival of her little brother.

On our way home, we saw this funny sign.

It seems that people just deliberately ignore the fine. Or, they just bribe the officer for $300. That’s why, Indonesia can never get the law enforced. I personally don’t think higher salary would result in cleaner government. The corruption mentality is just embedded into the Indonesian culture, I think those officials would never be satisfied with whatever salary they’re paid for. They would just ask for more, and corruption opportunities are just rampant, so why not becoming corrupt? After all, everybody here are corrupt.

For dinner, we went to Dapur Babah in Jalan Veteran, a new restaurant decorated in old peranakan style. They serve colonial peranakan food, from the Dutch-style colonial food, to Chinese peranakan food, and native Javanese food as well. Please enjoy the visual food feast.

For appetizer, we had rujak cingur, a traditional east Javanese dish which consists of vegetable salad with cow’s facial muscle (a.k.a. cow’s lips, cut into small cubes) with spicy chili shrimp paste sauce. The round orange thing at the left side is traditional fish crackers. Yes, eating it is basically similar to French kissing the cow.

Then came the main course. We ordered varieties of it. First is Gurame Goreng. Observing the fish’s curling shape, it seemed that the poor fish was being deep fried alive into hot oil. Nevertheless it was really delicious!

Then we also had Bebek Goreng Lengkuas, which is deep fried duck with galangal seasoning. It is accompanied with rice and fresh raw vegetable, and spicy chili sauce.

We also had Nasi Campur: Rice with varieties of small dishes in one plate. The rice was green in colour and had a nice pandan aroma. You can see fried chicken, peanut rempeyek, and also sambel krecek (spicy stir fried cow skin stew).

We also ordered a bastardized Dutch salad. It is basically cut vegetable and some apple, pineapple, eaten with mayo.

One of the most challenging foods was the Botok Tawon: Bee larvae a.k.a. maggots cooked in coconut milk wrapped in banana leaves. You can see the small larvae retain their shape. It was really delicious. The larvae popped in your mouth and gave a burst of nutty flavor.

For dessert, we went to the old-style ice cream parlour: Ragusa, along the same street, which has been around since the last century.

This peddler has been selling his food outside Ragusa for the longest time. He sells Rujak Juhi (fruit salad with pieces of salted dried cuttlefish and crackers) and Asinan (salted pickled fruit salad).

We ordered Spaghetti Ice Cream. No, there were no spaghetti pieces inside it. The name came from the shape of the ice cream: strands of vanilla ice cream that looks like spaghetti with chocolate syrup and peanut crumbles.

Indi ordered this Neapolitan piece, a combination of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

I ordered “Coupe de la Maison”, which is basically nougat ice cream (too nutty for me :<) on top of vanilla ice cream.

Having gone all around Jakarta, Noe fell asleep right after having his tiny spoon of ice cream and bottled Gerber peach.

On our way home, we observed that our national phallic symbol, the national monument, has been washed with gay colour. We hope that this was a sign that gay community become more accepted and not discriminated against in Indonesia.

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