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Monday, May 17, 2004

Hi. This is Rani working from Indi's computer at his office.

This weekend has been really exciting! My mom is here on a workshop with Ang Mo Kio hospital. The Tobings are also in Singapore, with the little Priscilla! We wanted to take them to Lotus Thai Restaurant, but it was closed on Saturday evening :< So we decided to go to Blue ginger at last.

I can say that this is the best peranakan food I have ever tried in Singapore. But still, nothing can beat Peranakan Food in Malaka. I really enjoyed the cuttlefish in black sauce, I even drink away the sauce! I met the chef, and he told me the recipe, which is very easy to make:

First, marinade the cuttlefish pieces in tamarind liquid overnight. Do not throw away the ink sac. Then, saute the prepared cuttlefish with Kecap Manis, shredded lemongrass, and some salt. I think this is the right time to break the cuttlefish ink into the wok.

I will try this recipe sometime. The chef told me that he does not use onion or garlic. I am sure enough onion or garlic will make the cuttlefish taste even more fabulous!

After the Blue Ginger, we went to Tanjong Pagar Plaza and buy some fruits, and dried vegetable snack (which I don't really like, because it has lost the taste and texture). We continued to go to Katong Shopping Centre to look for speaker repairer. Guess what did we find at the basement of the shopping centre, a Ghostbuster offering his service! I didn't expect that this thing prevails in singapore, and even more so, Commercialised! I mean this guy locates himself inside a shopping mall!

We walked down to Katong Laksa 49, which is located side by side to Katong Laksa 328. Katong Laksa 49 is well reputed and even get covered by the New York Times! However, i was not really impressed by the taste. The flavour is uneven, and sometimes a bit bland.

We continued to Esplanade to borrow some DVD. We found Swinging Bach, which contains a major performance by Bobby McFerrin singing Bach pieces. He was really amazing, i guess the best vocalist of all time! In Esplanade we met Meng, our friend who we haven't seen for a quite a long time. She is 6 months pregnant, but she and her husband decided to live in the boat, even when the baby is born! what an exciting life, to live in the boat!

On Sunday morning we had Frog Porridge in ChinaTown with mas Gita and mbak Yasmin, along with Tompi and Harry, and also Gian who was having his fourth golf tournament with adults. The frog porridge was really tasty! But the service is bad, perhaps because we don't know how to communicate with them, because none of them speaks english. We then continue to drive down to East Coast, to Nico's studio. There, Mas Gita and Harry did jam session on acoustic piano and upright bass.

All afternoon my mom brought guests to our house and we spent the whole afternoon hosting the guests from South Sulawesi. Later in the evening we went to the concert in Botanical garden with Joyceline and her husband. We drove down using their new Land Rover, which is too clean as a four by four vehicle. We met Chris and Matt who are having their photographic exhibition on the Middle earth later this week.

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