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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Noe's First Speech

Sorry guys, long time no blogging. I just finished my maternity leave and am now back in the office, trying hard to find time to write updates here. At home, I'd bond with my son rather than spending time browsing the net for hours like I used to do when I was single :>

Noe's growing really fast! He's now two months and three weeks. And I shall present to you... his first political speech .. with his Chairman-Mao-look-alike face (click the picture for video!):

Noe's neck is also getting strong now. He's now able to fully lift his head when on his stomach (click the picture for video!).

Indi also love to spend intimate time with Noe, as depicted in the photo below.


However the intimate moment turned haywire as Noe started to pick Indi's booger right from his nose! Look, how Noe really enjoy the warm sensation of Indi's nose!


No.. actually we tricked the photo by putting Noe's finger onto Indi's nose and we snap the photo right when he smiled.

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